Friday, September 5, 2014

Thank God it's Friday!


Anonymous said...

That tree has wood.

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Ah, on this hot humid day in Mass, there is a musky man scent hovering over the area!!

#1) Oh yeah, breathe in deeply, that a boy, catch the scent. I know it's an acquired scent that only men into men appreciate, but my golly by the looks of it, I think you like it:)

#2) Not only is he a good looking dude, but that is one nice meaty uncut cock, and looks like a some nice loose balls behind it:)

#3) OH hell ya, I plan on doing exactly what this hairy chested dude is doing this weekend:)

#4,5) So nice and tender:) some nice foreplay going on:) love is grand!!

#6) Young man, you should be proud of that piece of meat between your legs:)

#7) OH what a tease:):) Love to get on that juicy uncut cock:)

#8) Now that is a scent of Summer, getting your nose and tongue, deep in a man musky sweaty hole:) and real nice "medium thick" cock on the dude, that is getting his "pucker" tickled:)

#9) Oh my:):) LOL...I like that kind of map to the trails:) "Straight ahead boys" :):)

#10) I am so horny right now, I would lap that up in a NY second.

Thanks Koba


Stan said...

guy #2 is a fucking god!