Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ass Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

#2 gets my vote for Rump of the Week! You really should have a Wednesday contest for us ass men, just like you do on Sunday for cock lovers..

bdsmjack said...

#9 gets my vote.

Stan said...

L LOVE #2 but #8 having a jock on and fingering his hole always gets me too.

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

#1) Male "pussy" is an acquired taste, and boy have I ACQUIRED it:):):)

#2) Oh my, what a beautiful ass that has just been "buttered":) Dudes enlarge the pic, your in for a treat:)

#3) "Squats" they do a dudes butt good:)

#4) Hell ya, he needed that, look how he has he legs held open for his butt to be buttered:)

#5) Don't know what he's looking for, but I'm looking at that fine hairy ass:)

#6) Lick that "cummy" hole clean:)

#7) I would never ignore an open invitation like that:):)


#9) Now that is a Bubble Butt:)

#10) Ok, now my work begins, to clean that mess up, let me at that hole:)

Thanks Koba for the host "ASS Wednesday post:)

Ray's Cowboy said...

Number 9 for me please.
I could go all the way with his bubble butt.