Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thursday Hotness!


mifeboi2 said...

Love your Blog so much ♥

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

#1) It's always nice to have a "jerking" buddy:)

#2) Nice hairy chest, great "treasure trail" that looks like leads to a nice piece of meat:)

#3) OH Daddy, you have it all!! Love those "guns" of yours, oh and the stiff boner isn't bad either:):)

#4) Oh my, boys maybe getting naughty out in public?")

#5) I want to join that threesome, and start sucking their cocks:):)

#6) Hogs and Hands at the urinals:)

#7) Now he has the right idea, get some cock in the mouth:)

#8) Ah, hell, I would be staring to, at this dude. Nice piece of rope, he has:)

#9) Nice tummy fur, and I want my mouth on that cock:)

#10) I just might pamper myself tonight, and get a "facial":):)

Thanks Koba