Saturday, August 12, 2017


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Scott from Massachusetts said...

#1) Holy hot balls Batman, Those are some nice shooting stars:)

#2) Now that cocksucker knows, Your never neglect the balls, nice soft licks will do the trick:)

#3) This handsome dude, has hair in all the right male places:):):)

#4) Holy Moly, that is one nice hanging salami, I think it weights more than the young lad:)

#5) That's a lucky cocksucker, he's going to have twin dogs to feast on:)

#6) And the Gold Medal goes to the US, for the most creamiest churned butter:)

#7) Hell why not take a good piss in the shower:)

#8) Oh I love the way this dude, plays, peek-a-boo:)

#9) It's nut or nothing, because this dude is going anywhere:)

#10) Ah, SWEET nectar of the gods:)

Thanks Koba