Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Tuesday RamiFUCKations!

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Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow, some terrific Tuesday RamiFUCKations going down here Koba!!

#1) F--k ya, that top is getting ready to spill his seed into that eager beaver:)

#2 Oh yeah, two big hairy chested boys, getting it on:)

#3) Wow, would I love to be in that room, licking the bottom bitch's BALLS. While he's getting Blasted by the Bastard:)

#4) That jockey is going for a "hobbie horse" ride:)

#5) That top, must be hitting that bottom's button to make him nice and hard like that:):)

#6) Yummy, I'd love to get up close and personnel, while the top takes care of this nice beefy hairy cracked bottom:)

#7) Men are dogs, they will do it anyplace to crank out their "nut":):)

#8) Wow, this is certainly a "hairy" situation that's taken place here.

#9) KOBA, how did you get this pic of me, trying to take it up my tight man hole??????? I must admit the top, did hit my "button".

#10) Wow, some bottom bitch is in heaven, with that piece of salami gliding into his willing hole:)

Thanks Koba