Monday, August 7, 2017

Back to the grind or a holiday for some...

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Scott from Massachusetts said...

Great Back to the Grind posting Koba. Happy Holiday, to all in Canada and other countries that are celebrating today. I have to bee honest I did not think there were any holidays in August, well I know not in the Us anyways.

#1) OH yeah, I saw "rear" views like this in the gym showers today:)

#2) Heavenly sights and smells in the men's locker room:)

#3) I can so identify with this pic. Last Wednesday evening I went to a "sex party" and indeed, men with in all kinds of positions:) I love to participate and watch:) There were about 10 of us.

#4) Just Beautiful, let me repeat, Just Beautiful!!:)

#5) Com-on young man, I think he wants you on the head of his cock, and on his ample balls:)

#6) That's one way of never having to pay for bottled water!!!

#7) Sometimes I never forget a face. This dude did a short vid, with another dude. It was funny. The theme, was supposed to be that they were just friends, but this dude ended up fucking his buddy at the end:)

#8) It's so nice when a buddy "helps" you out, big time:)

#9) Hell ya, I do like me a "shooting star":)

#10) Pretty soon MNF(Monday night Football) and hopefully someone is always getting a MNF (Monday night Facial:):)

#10) I wouldn't mind one bit "cleaning the clock":):)

Thanks Koba