Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Men for Tuesday!

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Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow, I like the new Tuesday posting Koba!!! Men for Tuesday, it has a nice ring to it:)

#1) OH yeah handsome, show me the muscle and hairy pits, and I'm a happy camper:)

#2) What? You want me to wash your tushy, Hell ya, hand me the washcloth:)

#3) Hell ya, I love looking down when something is looking "up" at me:) Nice hairy chest, and very nice "treasure trail"!!

#4) Heck I would be smiling to, if nature blessed me with a long dong:( Ah I shouldn't complain, "little scottie", has seen his share of action:)


#6) Lucky Bastard, Um, you need any help with that sucker????, it's a beauty:)

#7) Don't you worry your handsome head off buddy, I be over to suck your cock:)

#8) Someone's going to get some sticky goo in their mouth very soon:)

#9) I want to get me nose in his ass crack, when he's naked in the locker room, and BEFORE, he showers:)

#10) OH yes, indeed, I would clean you up:)

Thanks Koba