Thursday, August 31, 2017

Thursday Hotness!


Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow, Thursday Hotness is right Koba!!

#1) Oh my, I don't know if that's a pre wet spot, but I'd love to crawl in between this long legged stud, and finish him off:):)

#2) Now, this dude, knows that the long hazy lazy days of Summer are winding down, so he's gobbling all he can:)

#3) Nice "treasure trail" lead to a long dong:)

#4) Yup, saw quite a few nice stick-up butts at the gym today:)

#5) I do like me a big boy. Hey handsome why don't you come inside, and I'll make your nice and warm:)

#6) Woof, would I love to feast on his beautiful cock and balls, and then get at his hairy pits:)

#7) OH handsome,paddle your way to my place, you have some nice man legs, and woof, those feet of yours:)

#8) Beautiful lips on a sweet thick cock:)

#9) Oh my, this dude, doesn't mind taking a nice long look:)

#10) I have a good feeling, someone going to get his "clock" cleaned:)

Thanks Koba

Anonymous said...

Pic. #9. I love this shot.