Friday, August 18, 2017

Thank God it's Friday!


Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said..

I'm a day late, but Koba great TGIF posting!!

#1) Never pass up the chance for a long donged dude to soap up your tushy in the showers:):):)

#2) Yes indeed, the heavenly sights in the locker room. In this guys young lads with beefy rump roasts:):)

#3) OH my goodness gracious, just for one day, I love to have that cock and balls hanging between my legs, and be the envy of the guys in my gym showers:):):) That is impressive.. especially his hanging nuts:)

#4) Young lad with a nice cock, and beautiful hairy pits:)

#5) Now that is something to grab for:):) I bet buddy, if you give it a couple of good tugs, he will make something gooey for you:)

#6) Some nice hairy legs, you got there, buddy-boy:)

#7) Hell ya, that Bear needs his meat:):):)

#8) That's cocksucker is taking that big chested dudes cock to the hilt:):)

#9) You bet, you worked hard for that Pepsi, show your cock and be proud:)

#10 Ah, beautiful eyed dude, got a real nice facial:)

Cy said...

Picture #9. I give these guys a lot of credit who go in crowds and walk around with their cocks hanging out. Unlike movie stars who are so cognizant of cock size they will NOT show their cocks on screen...even soft.
P.S. I love this guy.