Thursday, August 10, 2017

Thursday Hotness!

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Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Whoa, one very terrific Thursday Hotness posting Koba!

#1) Rub a dub dub, Oh hairy stud, please let me join you in your tub:):) Woof

#2) Oh my, that cobra, has been let loose:):):) Mercy me, when he spits his venom, watch out!!!!

#3) Oh, you smiling compact cutie, you can show me all you muscles anytime. That is one nice cock and balls you have:)

#4) That a boy young man, watch with wonder, how that skilled "cocksucker" takes that thick piece of meat:):)

#5) Woof, you look like the Alpha male that I have a crush on, at my gym. He has no clue, that I have a boner for him, OR does he??????

#6) Now these jocked dudes, know how to celebrate a victory:)

#7) That's it dude, fuck face that eager "cocksucker", he's not going anywhere, till he gets you man-goo:):) I'll be back to look at this gem again tonight.

#8) What a hairy compact cutie, I love to kiss him, before I suck a "nut" out of him:)

#9) Koba, don't get me going before I have to hit the gym. If I bate now, I won't go, I'll end up taking a nap. Love to get on his nice loose balls, before I take in the smells and the taste of that beautiful hairy musky crack:):):)

#10) Enjoy it dude, you made him make that protein shake for ya:):):) Lucky bastard

Thanks Koba