Monday, August 21, 2017

Back to the grind...


Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Great Back to the grind posting Koba!

#1) Hey, hairy long legged dude, looking real handsome and clean:)

#2) Oh my, you muscles are popping "up" everywhere:):)

#3) Now, that's the way a "cocksucker" should always take his "coffee break":) Heck those sweet lips were meant for sucking cock:)

#4) Ah, now that's how a "business call" should be done:):)

#5) Wow, that is one nice "powertool. That will definitely get the jb done.

#6) Oh my goodness gracious, that young man, will have to change his pants, before he goes back to his cubby!!!

#7) Sigh, oh I love my neck kissed tenderly:) Very hot and sweet

#8) Oh handsome well dressed man, If I was walking by, I would definitely get on my knees and take care of your raging boner:)

#9) Hey little cutie, I'm looking at your BANANA, while you holding your apple:)

#10) Now that "cocksucker" is all business.. staying focus and doing a great job. I say he should get a promotion.

Thanks Koba

Cy said...

#5...Get a haircut.