Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Happy Hump Day!

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Scott from Massachusetts said...

Holy Hump Day Batman, how did I miss this Great posting by Kboa???!!!

#1) Now that's how you lick an appreciative dude's musky hairy man pit:)

#2) Now this hairy handsome dude HAS balls:):):)

#3) OH you compact cutie you, I'd lick you from head to toe, but first but your hands over your head, so I get get at those hairy pits:)

#4) Yup eyes closed and chewing the curd, that cocksucker knows what hes doing. By the looks of it, the owner of that fine cock is enjoying it very much:)

#5) TWO TERRIFIC TOWELED Cuties, with nice hanging salamis:):)

#6) Koba, how the hell you ever get a pic of my smiling face, after I just satisfied all these boys!! It was a lot of work, but someone had to step up to the batters box:):):) I won't want meat for at least two more days:):)

#7) Hey checkerboard cutie, where are you? I will come and get you and bring you back to my place:):):)

#8) Oh my, that young lad, isn't going anyplace until that dude has unleashed his man-goo:)

#9) Hey handsome hairy dude, how about shaving some of that hair, and give me some. I definitely could use some on my legs and my butt. My butt is smoother than a baby's bottom:(:(

#10) Now that dude just took some serious "penis snot":):)

Thanks Koba