Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Tuesday RamiFUCKations!

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Anonymous said...

Scott fro Massachusetts said...

Great Tuesday RamiFuckactions Koba:)

#1) Now, that's what I call a whirly twirly riding bronco fuck:)

#2) Love to watch these long hairy legged beasts go at it:):):)

#3) These two young lads are staying "connected":)

#4) I think the hairy chested dude, will be given the orders here:)

#5) That jock beefy lilly white ass, is about to be "worked"

#6) Wow, that's a hot beefy cocksucker, what powerful legs. I would't mind getting a taste of his ass while he's enjoying his meal:)

#7) Ah, there's a musky smell in the hot Summer air, and it's getting me hard.:):)

#8) A cock up his butt, one in his mouth, he's a happy camper:)

#9) Sights, actions, and smells of the locker room. Heck, it keeps me going to the gym.

#10) Time to hit the Dairy Queen:):) Yummy..

Thanks Koba