Monday, August 14, 2017

Back to the grind...


Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Koba I will be back later on to give my full "commentary" on the great Back to the Grind posting you gave us today.

BUT before I go, I have to comment on pic #4. OMG, I don't know why I keep going back to it, and getting a boner every time. Just so freaking masculine. Those spread man legs, those feet, that stiff cock. What a primal masculine dude. I'm trying to figure out why he's so deep in thought. Is he going to have sex with a man for the first time? Did he already have sex and is feeling guilty, well his cock is telling us he enjoyed it. Is he gong to have a rendezvous with another women? I have masterbated off twice so far to this pic.

Sorry for the long rave about the pic. Though thank-you very much.

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Great Back to the Grind posting Koba!!

#1) Yes indeed, I showered with the boys today at the gym:)

#2) Don't WE all wish we could do that:):) LOL.. but true.. If I could I would swallow my own jizz:):):):)

#3) These well dressed men, know how to make could use of their coffee break:)


#5) Someone's proud of his meat, and why shouldn't he be:):)

#6) I like to get this tie and white shirt dude, in the bathroom stall, and suck a nut out of him:):)

#7) LOL.. Oh my someone "beat" it to me. They will both go back to work very happy:)

#8) I love red tie, and it certainly goes with the very fine piece of meat he has:)

#9) Oh young man, when your offered a slab of beef like that, get right on it, You might even move up the company ladder:)

#10) Heck he enjoys the nice weather to, let him stay out for awhile:)

#11) LOL.. Oh my just a little more than he can handle:)

Thanks Koba