Saturday, April 6, 2019



Anonymous said...

Wow, great Weekenders here Koba!!

#1) Oh my, maybe if I'm real quiet, I can get in that tubby with this cutie. I like his "sea monster":) Woof!!

#2) Ah, the sweet smell of cookies from the cheeky bum-bum baker. You can bake for me anytime buddy-boy, and I WILL show my appreciation:)

#3) You take the front side, and I'll take the back:) Woof

#4) Oh yeah that missile is about to be launched. It just has to turn it's launching pad a little to the left:)

#5) I do, I do, I do, have a hankering for the beefy hairy man butts:) Wow and those are some powerful upper legs!!

#6) Yup, the best way to fertilize the plants:) Nice tushy buddy boy!!

#7) My, my, I'd love to just get "behind" him and grab those nice big lilly white cheeks:) SWEET

#8) "The Power of Love" by Laura Branigan, would have approved:) I miss her, and her music.

#9) I love all kinds of men, but I have to admit this beefy hairy dude is right up my alley:) Woof

#10) Now that's a Cadbury creamy "nut".. YUMMY

Thanks Koba

Koba said...

Thanks Scott! Hope you have a great weekend!