Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Happy Hump Day!

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Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Oh yeah Happy Hump Day is here again with this posting Koba!!

#1) Hey you hairy sleeping tattooed beauty, stay just like that. I'm going to lick you from your toes to your head. Um, ah, I just might even slip your underwear off:)

#2) Com-on, just one more button, and that beauty is going to spring forward. Um, hopefully right in my mouth:)

#3 Wow, handsome, powerful arms and a powerful "tool"!! Woof

#4) Sure you can take a small gander at the handsome dude, but com-on, he wants a great BJ just as much as you want to give him one. So eyes closed and enjoy the feast:) You'll be rewarding with his creamy rich protein packed "pudding":)

#5) F-ck ya, I can see that nice bulge in your Calvin's. Now putt them down, and let me get to work:)

#6) Ah, the big brute love it. Keep tweaking that nip, while you suckle on the other:)

#7) Sorry but another F--k ya moment. That's me (the furthest to the right, with my head down. I'm going to go right "down" the line and suck each of these young men off!! It will definitely give me the protein I need for my workout today.

#8) OK, you caught me, I'm the one looking in your window, and I'm certainly not staring at what kind of bottled water your drinking!! Woof!!!

#9) Now there's a young men that enjoys a fine piece of meat. Hey smiling cutie, don't forget his balls:)

#10) It's settled I'm having a nice sweet chocolate eclair with my coffee tomorrow morning:)

Thanks Koba