Thursday, April 4, 2019

Thursday Hotnes!

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Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Thursday Hotness is right Koba!!

#1) Wow, buddy, you spend some serious time at the gym. Oh yeah, loving that cock of yours and those nice loose balls:)

#2) Always nice to have a hairy friend:)

#3) Don't you worry you hairy legged dude, I'll come over and make your cock point North due North!!:)

#4) Thanks bud, I'm so ready to get on your nice sniff nip. Oh and what a beautiful thick "treasure trail"!! Woof

#5) I can so identify with this hunky beefy cocksucker, I love seeing a hearty meal coming thru a GH:)

#6) Sweet, the boys are in the mood for love:)

#7) Looking good Paddy Cakes!!

#8) Two lovey dovies ..SWEET!!!

#9) Oh you big tease you. Um, What do I want to touch first? Where should I put my nose first? These are the kinds of questions that go thru my head when I have a hairy dude in front of me:):):)

#10) Now young man, I hope you have a "cum rag" handy. After you wipe up, you can take a much deserved nap:)

Thanks Koba