Friday, April 19, 2019

Thank God It's Good Friday!

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Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

#1) Tisket a Tasket I love this smiling jock's "Easter Basket"!!:)

#2) "Push over handsome, I want to join you. Yes I'll wash your back. What and suck you cock to? Geez, you men, always asking for more":):)

#3 Sweet indeed!! I'll try to make this short Koba. I've been doing this certain dude on a regular basis (Hj, bj, rimmer, him f--king me). Well I don't know what got into him today, but he was letting me kiss his neck, (which I love to do) and then (only because I picked up a vibe from him, I WENT for it. I kissed him on the lips. It was not long, but long enough, that just maybe the next time it will be longer. If it never happens again (the kiss) I have it in my memory bank. Why was it special to me? Because I love to "make out", but if they are straight (which he say's he is) I don't dare try to kiss them anywhere. suck yes, kiss no. Certainly, made my day:):)

#4) LMAO..And that's how it's played out in the gym locker room. A fast feel, a quick BJ, HJ, rimmer, just "crack a nut" and on you way you go. No chat-chatting during the "act":):)

#5) Buddy I don't blame you taking a gander at his sweaty big ass. What you don't know is I'm watching you watching him. Wow, do yo have a big nice mushroom cock-head:)

#6) Oh Superman, since you take care of everybody else, let ME take care of YOU:):)

#7) Love to be in that bed with you big boy admiring your tats. While I'm doing that, I suppose I could take care of that raging boner of yours:):)

#8) Simple enough: GUYS LOVE HEAD:):)

#9) Oh handsome with those nice eyes, you can show off your "muscles" anytime:)

#10) Indeed I could have gotten a Friday Facial, but I opted to take the full load down by throat:):) See comment #3, you will get my drift.

Thanks Koba