Monday, April 15, 2019

Back to the grind...

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Scott from Massachusetts said...

Happy Patriot's Day for anyone that lives in Massachusetts. Wow, what a great Back to the grind posting Koba!!

#1) Now this dude, definitely "pumps" it up at the gym with a body like that:)

#2) Just love to get on my knees in that shower and give this dude a sloppy, soapy blow job:):)!!

#3) Looks like this hairy handsome shower dude, is going to take "matters" into his own hands before he heads off to work.

#4) Wow, you well dressed handsome men, how about me getting on your big thick uncut cock on your coffee break? It's a beauty:)

#5) Now I don't know what kind of event this hot nipped, great armed dude is working at, but I WANT to be there. Woof, Woof, and Woof!!

#6) Oh you handsome young man you, Let him out, PLEASE!!

#7) Yeah, enjoy that fine cock you hot looking "cocksucker". Remember to get on his nut sack to.

#8) Boner for me!! Seeing a workboot dude with a nice "basket". Just beautiful.

#9) Holy F--k, I wouldn't get any work done, if I had to work beside this tool belt dude. That cock is SO YUMMY LOOKING!!!

#10) Oh you bad boy, you know that someone is going to come along and clean your sticky gooey mess up:):):):)

Thanks Koba