Monday, April 22, 2019

Back to the grind or Easter Monday for some...

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Scott from Massachusetts said...

Great Back to the Grind posting Koba!! Have to be honest, I'm not sure what is Easter Monday or who celebrates it. I have heard it before, now it's time for me to learn. After I comment on this post, and get back from the gym, I'm going to goggle it. Oh, but whoever celebrates it, Happy Easter Monday.

#1) Oh my, I do love me a hairy big boy trucker, and you definitely fit the bill buddy. Um, you have a cab in back of that rig. I promise I will lick and suck you from head to toe:):) Woof!!

#2) My "button" is twitching, looking at your beautiful medium Thick uncut cock. How about you let me suck it hard, and then I'll spread my nice lilly white smooth cheeks for ya? Put it in easy and then bang away:)!!!!

#3) Strong men needing a soft touch. SWEET!!:)

#4) That's the ticket. Oh yeah, that's exactly the facial expression my buddy Jeff uses when I pinch his nipples real hard:)

#5) That's all it takes for me, a man's hand behind my neck and then he leans in for the "kiss", and I'm ALL his:)

#6) I Love watching men "get off", F--k ya!!:) They know exactly how to beat their own meat:)

#7) I don't need glasses to see this hot dude:) Woof

#8) Oh yeah, I can identify with you handsome. I jerked my meat, while I had some prime beef in my mouth today. Doesn't it make you feel so ALIVE???!!!!

#9) Dude, I guess you do know what I like. I would a hand on your big bicep and my nose in your hairy pit:)

#10) LMAO.. I shouldn't be, but I can't resist. I think, this poor handsome dude, got MORE than he bargained for. Koba it might be a good "caption this photo". I'd leave that up to you. I guess meaning, hint, hint, can we have a "caption this photo" pic. Again not necessarily this one, but you always pick good ones.

Thanks Koba