Saturday, April 27, 2019

Weekend Warriors!

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Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow, Wonderful Weekend Warriors here Koba, great posting!!

#1) Oh you hairy stud you, lean against the fence, and I'll get on my knees and take care of that missile of yours:)

#2) Woof, hey mighty Viking with that powerful chest, come over to my place. Then with those powerful arms, shove me down doggie style and have your beastly way with me!!!

#3) Love to be "teabagged" by this hairy dude, those are yummy loose balls:)

#4) I'm going to sniff that hairy funky pit, while I shove my cock in those beautiful opened lips of yours:) Do you want to swallow or you in the mood for a facial????

#5) Hey big boy, don't hold him down to hard with those powerful arms of yours. I'm pretty sure he's not going to stop till you give him the gravy.!!!!

#6) Wow, I like how these young men, celebrate a victory:)

#7) Now this handsome dude knows how to set sail:)

#8) Boner Alert, Boner Alert, Koba, this pic has my cock "up" and ready to be tugged on. Ah, um, let's see if I can make it short. Locker room, funky smells, sweaty hairy spread legged men. Ah just let me caption it. "Dude, you did say, you would blow me if we won the game, well com-on, it's time to pay up, no-one around but us two"

#9) "Scott taking care of the beefy sweaty boys in the locker room again" Thank God there's a Scott on every team:) Now they don't have to go home and beg their gf's or wives for some great head. AND HE SWALLOWS!!

#10) F--k ya, my day would be brighter, if I can get my mouth on a set of nuts like his, and make him shoot a wad of creamy cum. Well I am going to the gym, right after this, and after my workout, I will try my best to do exactly that.

Thanks Koba