Saturday, April 13, 2019

Weekend Warriors!


Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow Wonderful Weekend Warriors indeed. Great job Koba!!

#1) Big boy, with a delicious looking slab of dark man-meat:) Yummy!!

#2) Indeed this young man can jab you with a left hook and ram you with his stiff cock:)

#3) I'd be happy as a clam, where each of these young man have their mouths and noses on that strapping man:)

#4) Hey let me sniff some of your hairy parts, you pierced hairy big boy warrior:)

#5) What you can't see in this pic, is me on my knees with his thick piece of meat in my mouth. Oh yeah the fields and dunes are quite the secret hide-aways:)

#6) F--k, why not. The sporting event is over, now let the really fun games began:)

#7) Mercy me, this hairy handsome dude, is huge all over. That cock, those arms, that chest. Woof

#8) "Don't worry guys, I'll be back, after this brute has his way with me"!!!!!

#9) Oh my, don't want to get on this warrior's bad side. Man,what a big dude. BTW big boy love your shower curtain. You could be a Super Hero, with those huge arms of yours:)

#10) Now this big boy, has no say, in the many facials he's going to get today!! I see plenty of man legs gathering around the alpha stud.

Thanks Koba

Butch 57 said...

No 10 is having a lot of fun

Tony60416 said...

#1 should be a cock of the block contestant, and winner!!!