Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Happy Hump Day!


bignate said...

I hope everyone celebrates!

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Happy Days are here again, with this Happy Hump Day posting!!

#1) I don't know who sings this song, but it goes something like this "What a man, what a man, what a mighty fine man". I so agree, Woof, and look at those fat balls, sweet mercy. Oh yeah I would lick him from head to toe:)

#2) Just Beautiful!!!:)

#3) Oh you bet buddy, I'll be right over to polish that fine knob. Man that baby is about to explode any second now:)

#4) That a boy, service that service man, we do owe them our gratitude:)

#5) Oh my handsome, I do indeed like. what your tight boxer briefs is packaging:) My goodness.

#6) Getting nice and cozy by the fire. SWEET:)

#7) Indeed, men's nips can get sniff just like a women. I went to a "no pants party" the other night, and man oh man, most dudes like their nips nibbled or tickled:) Woof I like the goose pimples around this pointy nip!!

#8) When I get home from the gym tonight, I'm coming back to this fine pic. I'm going to enlarge it, look just at his legs and feet and I'm going to "crank" a creamy nut out:):):):) Woof

#9) YOU LUCKY BASTARD, YOU!!! Enjoy my friend.

#10) A little horny this morning young man?..LOL.. Now put them right in the hamper:)

Thanks Koba