Saturday, April 23, 2016



Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Wonderful Weekenders Koba!!

#1) Wow, I wish he would use his "pointer" to show me where he lives on that map:)

#2) Ah, now that's a face of bewilderment, Sweet:) That "cocksucker" knows what he's doing:)

#3) Woof, nice smile, great hairy chest, beautiful "treasure trail" and one wonderful piece of meat:)

#4) Oh my, I think these young man, have more than the #16 on their minds:):) Ummm, maybe #69, is more like it, later on:)

#5) F--k ya, that's how I like my men, on the BEEFY side:)

#6) I would be on the cock in a NY second:):)

#7) Now those are some wonderful blue balls:)

#8) Oh yeah, handsome young man, with those looks, and that cock, you will have, men and women, all over you:)

#9) OH yeah, the boys will be celebrating tonight:)

#10) Now he will be able to enjoy a good night's sleep, after that great "nut":)

Thanks Koba

Qais Popal said...

I love your blog, Koba. You are amazing. Thanks for giving me eye candy everyday.

mk said...

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