Thursday, April 14, 2016

Thursday Hotness!

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Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Great Thursday Hotness post Koba!

#1) OMG.. that's all I'm going to say.. OMG, ok, I said it twice, heck make it 3 times.. OMG::):):):)

#2) Nice towel rack indeed:)

#3) OH boy, would I give anything to see what's below that fine masculine dark bush:)

#4) Spread those hairy cheeks you hairy dude, I"m coming in, with my tongue:)

#5) Wow, I'm speechless.. What a great hairy chest, and great guns, great hairy legs, hard abs, and my, what a nice basket:) And I'm not talking about the trash basket, he's standing next to:)

#6) OH young DR. Hardon, my heart is going "pitter pattter", what should I do????:)

#7) Now that's a hot sweaty threesome, that I would just love to watch and take in the manly smells:):)

#8) How do some of these men, get stomachs like that???? That is the question. Hot dude:)

#9) OH hairy legged "cocksucker" take the full head, you almost got him, to the point of no return:)

#10) Now that's a fine mess, he got himself into:):)

Thanks Koba