Saturday, April 9, 2016


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Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow great Weekenders here Koba!!

#1) Wow, that is one long legged hairy dude in that tub:) Just be careful handsome dude, if your whacking off, and your computer falls in your tub, there won't be anymore playing with your "rubber duckie":(:(:(

#2) Oh yes, definitely, indeed, TWO HEADS are better that ONE:):):)

#3) Man, would I ever take care of that stiff boner, if I came across it, taking a leisurely stroll in the woods:)

#4) Woof, wrap those big strong thighs around me, heck just get on top of me:):) Kind of chilly for this time of year in New England, I need those big arms close to me:)

#5) I'm loving the pose, you handsome Ginger Snap you. Hey would you mind if I sucked that beautiful uncut cock of yours?:):)

#6) Wow, that is one really nice "treasure trail" leading down to one magnificent, piece of man-meat:) Might I add you have a very nice hairy chest, oh yeah, I can see it:)

#7) OH yeah, that "cocksucker" is loving it, wait till he tastes those delicious balls:)

#8) Please Mother Nature, give us some warmer weather, Would love to see these "branch-sitter" on my daily walk:)

#9) Oh my, someone likes to be hosed down:):)

#10) It's settled I'm having "pigs in a blanket" for breakfast tomorrow morning:):)

Thanks Koba