Monday, April 11, 2016

Back to the grind...


Fit Studs said...

OMFG, Koba... What you do to me?!
Some really sexy men in this post.

- Fit Studs

uncle barry said...

Always a great way to start the week

QuantuMStreaM said...

Guys, which movie/tv-series are GIFs from?

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Great Monday post Koba!

#1) Yes indeed, I joined the boys today in the showers, after my workout of course... Have to earn by "eye candy" time:)

#2,3) Opps, OH my, I don't think Andrew's going to be getting his Orange Juice this morning, well from his Mother anyways:(

4) I do love me a man wearing a hard hat and stiff cock:)

#5) Since he's not right in front of me, to give me a "knuckle sandwich" (and he does have the arms to do it) this handsome dude would be so much better looking if he TRIMMED the beard. Don't get me wrong I love hairy guys, but that's just a bit too much:(

#6) Love to spend a cozy morning in bed with this hottie:):):)

#7) Now, this bottom bitch loves to have cock everywhere:):) You go you "cocksucker" you:):)

#8) Perfection, it's like he gave "mother nature" a map of where he should have hair, and she was very good to him:)

#9) Sweet.. Cup those full balls, as you suck on that delicious cock, he's enjoying every sweet second. Very shortly you being getting something very "salty" in your mouth:)

#10) Heck I don't think I even have to comment on this one. OK, here goes AGAIN (and please keep showing us these pit pics Koba) "ON A HOT HAZY, HUMID DAY IN AUGUST, my nose would be buried in the hairy sweaty pits:):):):)

#11) Oh yes, you hairy barrel chested dude with the great nips, enjoy your meal:)

Thanks Koba