Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tuesday Ramifications!


Hank said...

There's nothing quite so wonderful as getting fucked

Hank, agin said...

These pics remind me how I absolutely LOVE being a pussy faggot

Hank, once more said...

It's great to have anonymous sex with a guy I've never even seen before, to lick his balls, to suck his cock, to tongue his ass, and then to get on all fours as he thrusts his cock to the hilt in my ass pussy and, grunting and groaning with alpha lust, fucks me until he shoots his load of fertile seed, making me his cum-slut fairy faggot bitch

Anonymous said...

I love the first pic! Wish it was my bottom!


Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Better late then never. Great Tuesday post Koba!

#1) Mighty fine thick dick, going in a tight hole. Nice balls:)

#2) Ah lover's making love, the man-juice will be flying everywhere:)

#3) I'd would love to join these sun-bathing beauties:)

#4) That a boy, sneak a peek, if you into men, we just can't help but look:)

#5) Ah there's always cock (oops I mean light) at the end of the tunnel:)

#6) OH my, now that's a mighty fine "milking" going down:):) but there should be a bucket underneath to catch the cream:)

#7) Ah two beefy lads sealing the deal with a kiss. I'd love to be there, licking their nuts, while they make love.

#8) Holy thick whopper Batman, that piece of meat is taking him for a ride:)

#9) OH, maybe a little shy at first, but I think they will be "friends" soon.

#10) Wow Koba, enter that Tops ass into today Ass Wednesday... Look at those huge balls to.. SWEET... that bottom is being plugged:)

Thanks Koba

Fit Studs said...

It's going in, alright!! :D