Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tuesday Ramifications!

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Scott said...

Terrific Tuesday post Koba!

#1) That is certainly a male to male "connection" in the making:):)

#2) OH big boy with the great hairy man-legs, do you know it's bad manners to be in the bath tub with your underwear and T-shirt sill on. Yes we want to SEE you totally naked:) We do forgive you though, because you are showing us your nice hard piece of meat:)

#3) Hell ya, show those muscles, you handsome hairy dude. Hey I'm in the sauna if you care to come in. I promise you"ll leave with your nuts drained:) BTW, I would put you dirty gym clothes in the locker, I know dudes that can sniff a sweaty pair of underwear a mile away:):)

#4) Oh my, someone's buns are being buttered:):)

#5) Woof... young man, I don't need to see your cock, though it would have been icing on the cake.. Great legs, and love your "treasure trail":)

#6) Wow, that is some shower head:):)

#7) Oh were with your ref, we looking at his fine package to:) Nice beefy young man, indeed:)

#8) Fine jock rump roast:)

#9) OH cutie, can I lick your toes, while you pleasure yourself:)

#10) Wow, I'd love to get on both their balls, while they bang:)

Thanks Koba:)