Thursday, April 28, 2016

And the winner is...

... with 5 votes in total, this week's winner is Butt No. 9! Second place goes to Butt No. 7 with 4 votes, and third place is rounded out by Butt No. 5 with 3 votes! I think this was one of the rare occasions when each and every competitor received at least one vote! This week's Koba's Choice Award goes to Butt No. 10 - Like Jeff from California said, he's ready to go! Congrats to the winners and many thanks to all those who participated! Have a great day, guys!


Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

OH indeed, it's a fine looking man-ass. Congrats to the winner:)

Anonymous said...

Scott form Massachusetts said...

Hot Thursday post Koba!

#1) Great arms, nice chest, great hairy thighs, and that is one nice thick slab of beef, with fat ballls:)

#2) That is one lucky "cocksuker", to suck on one cock is a treat, anymore than that, is a gold mine:) Well what else is a lover of the male meatlike me, going to say:)

#3) Oh hairy handsome dude, I like to lick you all over, and that's a great outline of your cock, that's showing thru your jeans:)

#4) Awesome "packing" going on in those boxer briefs, and dude, great muscular, legs:):)

#5) Hell dude, my fantasy, with you, is have you stay sleeping, and let me have my way with you, licking all your hairy parts:)

#6) Awesome stomach, beautiful "treasure trail", that leads to one fantastic hairy bush, and THATS what man should have AND keep:)

#7) I think those Samsung buddies are getting horny:)

#8) Oh yeah tattooed dude, jerk a "nut" of your cock:)

#9)I suddenly got the urge for a very thick chocolate covered BANANA:)

#10) OH, I would clean that elephants trunk, right up:):):)

Thanks Koba