Saturday, April 2, 2016

Weekend Warriors!

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Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow,Wonderful Weekend Warriors post Koba!

#1) Hey Big Burly Football linebacker dude, you might be wearing #75, but I'll get off tonight, thinking of us doing a "69". And if you not into that, hell I'll jerk off while I watch you and your big hairy brutes take your showers:)

#2) Biceps and Boner, hell young man, you got me sold:):)

#3) Boys, you better make it fast. I know locker room BJ's are fun, but you don't want to get caught...LOL:)

#4) Oh you little tease young man, I am sure your team mates will see more in the showers:)

#5) Wow Koba, you have my number today. Those are some fantastic hairy men legs, and I love what's peeking out of his shorts:):):) I would buy admission to see this hairy dude be a bottom, with his hairy legs over a tops shoulders):):)

#6) DON'T YOU DARE MOVE HANDSOME!!! I'm coming to feel your "guns" and sniff your pits:):)

#7) OH my goodness, now that's a "HEADLOCK":):):)

#8) UM, ah, I'm not really into piss play, BUT, I would drink from that fountain anytime:)

#9) Tighty Whities, HUNKY HAIRY LEGS = Boner for me:)

#10) Now that boys and boys is how head works for guys, the cocksucker enjoy every second and inch of that meal, and the receiver in ecstasy, hell just look at his sniff nips. It won't be long before the cocksucker, gets his well deserved protein shake:)

Thanks Koba