Saturday, December 26, 2015



Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Happy Boxing Day Koba. I promise you, when I meet you in Ogunquit someday, I'm going to give you a really nice present, for all the fine post you give us.

#1) Lover's backsides, nice butts, hairy legs, it's enough to make my heart go "pitter patter":):):)

#2) Woof, I want to camp out with these hot looking dudes. Hey buddy you can leave those arms up all day, as far as I'm concerned. Nice hanging meat, on the both of you.

#3) Hell ya, lick that "boy batter" all up, you the one that made that big armed, hairy leg dude, spew it:)

#4) Wow, let me lick that hole, before you go in for the "kill". Fine looking ass indeed:)

#5) Oh yes, your certainly on the right side of the tracks..Now stay there, and I make that boner go down:)


#7) Dude you have it all, nice meat, nice hairy bod, nice muscles:):) Woof

#8) Oh lonely young man, let me warm you "UP":) I can do better than the hot chocolate your drinking:)

#9) Woof, love to see this "yellow basket" at my gym:)

#10) Heck ya, lick it like some really good ice cream, and you will be rewarded with a nice tart gooey surprise:)

Thanks Koba

Brandon said...

El de la foto 5, es un macho macanudo, creo que brasileiro. Me sulliveran con esos vergotes y esa virilidad cuando te la clavan y bombean con fuerza salvaje.

Greg Jones said...

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