Thursday, December 24, 2015

Thursday (Christmas Eve) Hotness!


Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Wow, this post certainly is getting me in the Christmas spirit. Great job Koba:)

#1) If I'm not mistaken, that is the cutie Conner Habib, showing us his nice piece of manhood, with those nice balls, and one of the nicest "treasure trails" to be found. Also gives it his all in his vids:):)

#2) Freaking (no swearing on Christmas Eve) Woof, what a beautiful sight. I could be very wrong, but it looks like Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte. I think he's a hunk. Don't know much about his personality, but heck, I'll just enjoy that handsome dude.

#3) Wow, love to be watching this race, what a nice rump on that macho jock dude:)

#4) Heck ya, the men "beating the meat".. Love to do it, and love to watch it:)

#5) Maybe your just waking up, but your cock has been "up" for awhile. What a beauty, you were blessed with a Thick cock. Can I please nibble on your nips?:):):)

#6) Oh handsome hairy legged dude, don't hide your cock from us, we love them in all shapes and sizes, cut and uncut:):):)

#7) OK, I said I wasn't going to swear on Christmas Eve...So I'll try my best... Koba you a Freaking tease...LOl... Ah, there's a Christmas scent in the air.. that sweaty musky smell that comes only from a dudes pits:):)

#8) Guys, never mind mugging up to the camera, get down to business..:):) MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Well that's what I say when I have a piece of meat like that in front of me:):)

#9) Now that young man, know's how to give himself a Christmas present:) Love to be between his legs, licking his balls, while he "blasts" off:):)

#10) Now that's the kind of Christmas card I like to get:) Woof

Thanks Koba, and have a very nice Christmas Eve.

uncle barry said...

#4 Is that Santa being Naughty? 😉

Koba said...

Thanks, Scott! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!
And yes, uncle barry, I do believe you are right!