Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thursday Hotness!

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Scott said...

Wow, Thursday hotness is right Koba, great job.

#1) Hey Big Boy, I don't know what kind of workout gear that is, but heck, it's certainly doing your body GREAT:):) Can I feel those "puppies" of yours:) Woof those are some arms.

#2) Now that is one HAIRY HOLE. Would not mind one bit, getting near that taint and that nice ball sac:)

#3) Wow, a nice slab of dark meat, lucky cocksucking bastard:)

#4) OH my, Leo is hungry, that is one fine thick cock with nice balls to feast on:):)

#5) Sweet nectar of the gods:)

#6) Pits and nips for a fine dining experience:) Oh yes wouldn't mind following that fine "treasure trail" to the golden goose:)

#7) Nice dark bush hairy dude. Now let's see the meat:)

#8) I want to attack him.. I hope he's all sweaty and smelly from football practice:)

#9) Hot looking dude on a hot day.. What a nice hairy chest and "treasure trail" leading to a nice bush and fine cock:)

#10) Hell would I love to join this big boy in that tub and wash his back, um that's if I could fit in there with him.. he is a big one:)

Thanks Koba