Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Happy Hump Day!


Axiom2001 said...

2 "Hump me long, deeply, and very, very hard!" "Have me panting and begging for much more!"

5 "You open it, and my mouth and tongue will put him into another world!"

6 I'm on my knees to please the both of us!

8 Let me join you, for I want to do it together!

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Nice Hump day post Koba!!

#1) My kind of guy...Woof..Love to do him "up" on a hot day in August with the air conditioner turned OFF:):):)

#2) Holy Snow balls Batman, that is some loose balls:):)

#3) Hell ya, jerk that "nut" out of him... put him out of his "misery"...LOL... Heck will go insane if we don't get our man-goo out, on a regular bases:)

#4) Seems like the boys are having a fun time:)

#5) Hell ya, half the fun, is spreading the cheeks and looking at the "crack of dawn":)

#6) Now that's a lot of car fun to be had.. Nice cocks guys:):)

#7) Oh, please let me come over, to put a smile on your handsome face:)

#8) Hey you lucky cocksucker, while your doing your business, I love to help out and lick his hairy pits:)

#9) I wouldn't mind myself putting my mouth on that mushroom capped head.. Nice looking cock..:)

#10) Oh cocksucker you, your doing a GREAT job.:):):)

Thanks Koba