Thursday, December 17, 2015

Thursday Hotness!


Anonymous said...

I think the first pic deserves a shot in the COB contest !

Anonymous said...

#8 is just about the ONLY way you'd ever get me to do sit-UPS lol

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Thursday hotness indeed, great job Koba!!

#1) Wow, if he's working his way down from those fine abs, that is going to be one delicious cock to handle and inspect:) I agree with anonymous at 8:42, he deserves to be in COTBC, for sure

#2) " Sorry dude, It's going to take more than a bottled water to get into my "pants, I'm not that easy."

#3) Heck would I love to get near his hairy taint and those delicious looking balls:)

#4) Oh sexy, come visit me on a hot day in August, after you did a 3 mile run:):):)

#5) That lucky "cocksucker" has fine a fine piece of meat and a hot looking dude. What a great chest:):)

#6) Sweet, lovers getting clean:)

#7) Oh yes, buddy-boy, I would do you from head to toe:)

#8) LMFAO... Hell, why didn't I think of this YEARS ago.. I would have an 6 pack abs all year round, no matter how old I get:):):0

#9) Nectar of the gods:)

#10) Yup, it's settled, before I hit the hay, I'm having myself a nice hot cup of tea and a chocolate eclair:):) Yummy

Thanks Koba