Saturday, December 5, 2015

Weekend Warriors!


karl said...


karl said...


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Scott said...

Wow, Wonderful Weekend Warriors Koba.

#1) I do like me a man with some nice "guns":)

#2) Paddy cake, Paddy cake, Bakers man, I want to blow you, like nobody can:):):)

#3,4 LOL.. Now that's what I really call getting exciting about the big game:)

#5) A hard man is easy to squeeze:):):)

#6) Ah, someone got himself into a fine "mess":):)

#7) Whoever, so reading is not fun????:):):)

#8) Tisket a Tasket a fine RED BASKET:):):):)

#9) Woof, hey macho player, can, I sniff you cup, after the game:):)

#10) Oh, someone likes what they see at the beach:)

#11) Wow, let me on that sniff nip, then work my way down that beautiful "treasure trail" into that dark bush:)

Thanks Koba