Friday, December 25, 2015

Men for Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all those who are celebrating it today! Hope it's a great one!


Anonymous said...

Scott said...

A very Merry Christmas to you and bf Koba. Would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful posts you give us throughout the whole year.

#1) Very nice chest young man, very nice indeed, and those sniff nips are just soooooooooooooo inviting:)

#2) I bet when he takes his finger out, he will be able to taste the sweet nectar of the gods. Uncut cocks leak the sweetness like a maple tree:) Oh btw dude, nice "eggs" love to get my mouth on those:)

#3) Thanks for the gym shower pic today Koba, naturally my gym is closed for Christmas, but this pic, is just what I needed to see today:) What is it with the gym "gang showers", that gets me all horned up...LOL...

#4) Wow, usually I don't go for that much hair on top, and some beards, but some dudes can work it. And this dude has me leaking pre, big time. This rugged dude with those beautiful eyes, can make me his bitch anytime:) Woof

#5) Merry Christmas "cocksucker". I plan on getting a present like that myself later today:):):):0

#6) Oh cutie, you can tumble for me anytime:)

#7) Holy meat-rack Batman, that is a great way to celebrate, chowing down on some prime Christmas goose:):)

#8) Heck, with "puppies" like that, you get two thumbs up from me:):) Wow..

#9) Someone's a very happy camper this Christmas. Can you blame him:):)

#10) Ah, nothing like the infamous Christmas facial:):):):)

Thanks Koba

karl said...

Merry Christmas Koba