Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Happy Hump Day!

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Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Wow great Hump Day post Koba, you have a little of EVERYTHING I certainly like:)

#1) Great "treasure trail" that leads to a grand bush and very nice "package":)

#2) OH my your a Big BOY, How about me licking those fine big nuts of yours? Then if you would allow me, I have to feel that strong hairy chest and those strong arms. Oh I dare I not ask if I can sniff that pit:):):)

#3) Wow, dude, one nice hanging salami, you have there:)

#4) Yes look at him while you start sucking, he will be able to tell with your eyes, how GRATEFUL you are:):)

#5) NO sore losers on this team:)

#6) UMMM, you have some blue balls, you want me to take care of?:)

#7) I'll see you in the locker room soon buddy-boy, in fact there's a cozy little corner, where we can "talk shop":)

#8) Koba, what did I tell you about you taking pics of me, on my knees at my gym:) I want to keep my membership:):0...LOL...

#9) Just think, how many of the male species, is making the man-goo right now:)

Thanks Koba