Saturday, May 9, 2020



Bill said...

#4 I rhink I will have sausage with my coffee !!

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow, hot Weekenders here Koba, this posting will keep me warm, on this very unusual cold and very windy day for May here in Massachusetts.

#1) Rub a dub dub, what a sexy hairy man in that tub. Woof!!

#2) Oh my, this young handsome lad can make a cold morning much more tolerable. I'd love to pull his underwear down and get my tongue in his hairy warm crack. Oh yes, I know it must be hairy with those gorgeous hairy legs.

#3) I hope I don't get kicked off this blog, but I'm going to spell it out. Wow, so damn fucking sexy. Loving the boxer basket too.

#4) On a cold day this handsome dude with that fine slab of meat, could steam "up" the kitchen windows. So glad that some men love to wear the boxers.

#5) Always a nice day when you have cock in your mouth:) Enjoy boys!!

#6) Now this strapping dude, can make a cold day much more "BEARABLE"!! Look at those arms:) He can cook for me anytime, then I would show my appreciation in the bedroom.

#7) Wow hot stuff in this kitchen. Hey big boy invite me over, and I promise I won't leave you with "blue balls"!! Woof!!

#8) Control yourself Koba, knowing you and your soccer crushers admiring Gerrard's cheeky cheek, might make you fiddle with your diddle. LMAO!!, it is indeed one fine bum cheek.

#9) Keep playing with your nipple buddy, I'm going in that funky hairy pit of yours. UM, then you can "stick" it to me. I'm just in that kind of mood.

#10) Oh young man, you started the day off in a very warm way.

Thanks Koba!! Um, ah, I think the boys are ready for a "caption this photo" today.

Koba said...

Thanks guys! Your wish is my command, Scottie! We had snow here today! Not much, but still!

Flyer77 said...

My choices are:
#2. Would love to pull down his shorts, and bury my face in his hot, tight ass!
#4. Might be a challenge to deep throat that huge cock. But would be fun to try!
BTW I won't mention the sun and warm temps here in FL!

Flyer77 said...

Forgot to mention #5. Would love to lick his tight ass, while his big dick is being serviced!