Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Tuesday Ramifications!


Festivalando said...

1st and 6th are pretty good pics!

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Terrific Tuesday Ramifications today here Koba!!

#1) Oh young man, your much braver than me. That is a thick dick. If I can help my licking your balls while he hits your button, I'll be over.!!

#2) Hey let me come over, we will get on your bed, and get in a nice "69" position. That is once nice cock and balls you have.

#3) Wow, now that's a double header, sucking his cock and having your nose buried in his man-hole!!!

#4) Desperate times call for desperate measures. Looks like this spread hairy long legged dude is enjoy some self gratification. By the look on his face, and his cock's position, he's found his pleasure "button".

#5) Hurry up big boys, before some prude comes in. Catch your "nuts" and then hit the showers. I would be the lookout guy for ya, if your were at my gym. My, my, you both have some nice long feet. Oh no I'm getting hard.

#6) This young lad definitely knows who's in charge here, and I think he wouldn't have it any other way!!

#7) If you have "morning wood" like that tomorrow buddy, give me a call, and I'll get between those hairy legs and give you a great blow job. What a delicious looking cock. OH yeah, don't you worry, I'll lick your balls to.

#8) Oh buddy, grab on to those sheets for dear life, your about to get entered by one mighty, long, thick fine piece of dark meat!!

#9) You sold me buddy, by just showing me your pit. Never mind your great body, and mysterious good looks:)

#10) A tight hole will make a dude shoot quite the "creamy nut"!!

Thanks Koba

uptonking said...

You had me at pic number one! The reaction to being penetrated is highly under-appreciated. I also love the bbc contemplating penetrating that big fucking hairy ass! Woo hoo! (Yeah, you could say I'm feeling a bit deprived these days and in need of some good old penetration!).

Koba said...

Thanks guys!