Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Happy Hump Day!


Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

How can anyone be sad, when we get a great Happy Hump Day posting like this. Awesome job Koba!!

#1) I'd love a piggy back ride from these playful beach boys on a beautiful warm day. Very nice hogger on the handsome one carrying that smiling cutie!!

#2) NOW, these are the types of wood that I would love to "embark" upon!! Woof!!

#3) F--k ya, I know what positions I would love to be in, if I was in the company of this fine male specimen:)

#4) Ahhh, the whole pic reeks of masculinity. My, what a good looking guy, with a fine piece of "equipment"!!

#5) Oh yes, good looking cocksucker. You not interested in looking in his eyes, you just want to feast on that cock, cup his balls, and get the gravy in your mouth. Then you outta there.

#6) OK, now, I have no choice but to let you have your beastly manly way with me. I can smell your manliness, I want to touch you so bad. My legs are spread, Again I have no choice when a bear needs to mount someone. Oh big boy, I'll be back again to look at you. Wow!!!

#7) I want to be savagery mounted by the big boys in pics #6 and #7!! Those chests, those arms, I'm like a lion in heat!!

#8) OH Leo, you need a draining really bad. Those fat balls look like that are about to burst. I'm telling you, just give a few more tugs on that angry mushroom capped head, and relieve the pressure.

#9) Nothing wrong at all, taking in the smells of the delicious dinner you about to feast on. OH yes, your one lucky bastard. Bon appetite!!

#10) Well Koba you pushed me over to the point of no return today. After I lick and smell this dude, from head to toe (and yes that includes cleaning his gooey mess). I'm going to take matters into my own hands. Oh just one more thing. His cock and balls are beautiful.

Thanks Koba

Hot guys said...

Happy, happy! 😛👍🏻

Cy said...

Beautiful selection today, Koba. Hot guys and gorgeous cocks. Love it.

uptonking said...

And again... #3... those balls that jingle jangle dangle... woah. Makes my mouth water.

Flyer77 said...

Wow! Koba excellent selection!
My top choices are:
#2, #4, #5 #8, and #9.

#2; I always like fucking outdoors. His big dick is just waiting
to be serviced!

#4 Not only would I love to get my lips around his gorgeous cock, but his ass would be a pleasure to enjoy as well!

#8 His big fat dick is just begging to be licked, sucked and shoved down my throat. Not to mention sucking his huge balls!

#9 Maybe we can share sucking that hot dick?

Bruce Jensen said...

That sexy, furry hunk in photo 10 is all mine. Or soon will be. If he was already mine that much cum would not have hit his fur...maybe a drop or two but the rest would be inside me.