Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Happy Hump Day!


WildWill said...


uptonking said...

#7 Brings to mind so many wicked thoughts. I do love me some long underwear. And a man who wears them... Grrr.

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said..

I certainly will get over the hump with this Happy Hump Day posting!!

#1) Oh Mr, Cayden Ross, what a handsome big guy you are. One of the great porn stars!! Handsome, muscular, funny, and loving that shark tattoo or whatever that is on your leg. It's funny, because I just watched some of your porn yesterday. You always give a top notch performance. Also you have one of the nicest mushroom cockheads in the business, and nice loose balls. BTW,

#2) Don't move cutie, I'm coming thru the patio door, to sniff that pit and work my way down.

#3) That a boy, you off to a good start, you got in all good and wet, now go to town!! Oh and cocksucker loving that bicep of yours.

#4) Now that dude, rules his cock with a tight fist:) A few good tugs and the sticky stuff will spurt out.

#5) There's my pug nosed handsome otter. Let's go for a playful swim. Thanks for showing us your balls today.

#6) Love to get in the middle of this pack of smiling otters and wolves!!

#7) F--k, take your strong heads and push me down to your cock. I'm going to take it out of your long john's and give you some HOT head.

#8) NO otter, or wolf here, THIS is a BEAR!! Wow!!! Get you hairy paws on me, take me to you den, and have your way with me. I want to watch you beefy hairy ass hump away till you "nut"!!

#9) Enough of room for two on that hammock, handsome. Wouldn't mind sticking my nose in a few hairy places. You need to be sucked off?

#10) Yup since I'm very horny right now. I will definitely clean up that fine sticky mess you made!! Beautiful "treasure trail" and bush buddy boy.

Thanks Koba

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Anonymous said...

I'm leaking pre, just by looking at that big fuzzy Gingerbread man. #8!!!