Saturday, May 2, 2020



Hot guys said...

Nice pic choices, Koba.

Nope, don't have a fave this time! :)

bignate said...


Cy said...

#10. What a beautiful boy.

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

FINALLY, a nice Spring day here in Massachusetts. But not as Wonderful as this great Weekenders posting. Great job Koba!!

#1) Love to be sitting on the edge of his bed watching, while he cranks his nut out of that beauty of an uncut cock!! That reminds me, going to have some nice pigs in a blanket for breakfast tomorrow. Yummy!!

#2) Love to smack one of his beautiful cheeks, and say com-on let's go for a swim handsome.

#3) Indeed the boys are starting to learn when they have a mouthful of man-meat, lightly cup his balls. That is one nice THICK cock, that cocksucker hit the jackpot!!

#4) "Scott remember when you said anywhere, anytime, while I'm ready. I even made it for easy access for ya bud."!!

#5) Oh my, what a treat it would be to spend the afternoon with this handsome hairy dude.

#6) Now I don't know if this is the same handsome dude as in #5, but if its not, I'd certainly would love a 3-way!! I'm horny and they are hairy. OH and they both have a nice dong:)

#7) Young man, I don't care how untidy your bedroom is, I'm coming over to take care of your sexual needs.

#8) Ah man, your making me miss the sauna at my gym. But thanks for showing me what I have been missing. Some of my favorite body parts, Pits, nips, cock and beautiful balls, and those nice toes.

#9) Wow, let me get in that cozy bed of yours, and take your beastly manly needs out on me. With those arms you be able to spread my legs so you can have a good f--k!!

#10) That's it buddy, you got it out of your system, now you can enjoy the rest of the day.

Thanks Koba

Koba said...

Thanks very much, guys!

Anonymous said...

My favorite is #10, ufff it's so so nice

Paul1971 said...

No1 for his foreskin and number 5, he's amazingly hairy and has a full triangle of Bush!