Thursday, May 14, 2020

Thursday Hotness!


Hot guys said...

I've seen the 2nd one in action, actually.

He's a great top, never gets tired and doesn't stop.

An animal! 😈🔥💪🏻

Flyer77 said...

Wow! Great collection! Yes, I have also seen the guy in #2 in action!! However, my top choices are:

#1; Great body, hot cock! Would love to deep throat that dick!

#3: Would love to suck his big balls, while the guy wearing the shades continues to suck that nice dick!

4: Hot couple! Two hot dicks! Would love to bury my face in his tight ass!

#9: He has an ass to die for!! Would love to get underneath and service his big balls and dick!

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow, Thursday Hotness is right Koba!!

#1) Hey cutie I think you "up" for going upstairs in your bedroom for some man to man play.

#2) Love to feel those big "puppies" of yours. Oh and handsome, (I'm a little older than you) help me out here, is that a new signal that you want your cocked sucked or something else done? I will certainly help you out. I usually respond to someone just saying "Suck my cock, and lick my balls."

#3) No explanation need here. That dude was standing against the wall with a boner, just waiting for any TOM, DICK, or Harry to give him so good head. That a boy!!

#4) Indeed these two, are ready to have some nice man to man play, as soon as we stop invading their privacy.

#5) Isn't he just a little fucking cutie. That smile could make anyday worthwhile. Huge arms, and well placed chest hair, and a "treasure trail" that just wont quit. Woof!!

#6) Now this is how I want this pic to go "down". I'm stumble upon someone giving him head, I watch as I lick his funky deep hairy pit. Hopefully this is cruising place, that prudes, just leave us alone.

#7) Damn, guys are just so damn good looking. Woof!!

#8) Koba, you're going to push be over the brink again. Those are some strong legs, and I'd love to get at his basket!!

#9) Heck, young man, you get a 10 from me. Not sure if your into men, just an observation of your manly bedroom. But I have been known to be wrong several times, and I certainly would love to give you a rimmer.

#10) Holy chocolate milkshake Batman, I'm THIRSTY!!!

Thanks Koba

uptonking said...

#3 and #9. I wanna be the guy with the beard in 3. And 10 is just awe inspiring. So Hot.

Bruce Jensen said...

Dirk Caber in photo 4.....a sexy daddy.

Koba said...

Thanks guys. I would love to see No. 2 in action!