Friday, May 29, 2020

Thank God it's Friday!


Michehot said...

HOT FRIDAY!!! Thanks for the pics... Happy weekend!

Hot guys said...

TGIF indeed, Koba! 👏🏻

The 3rd pic > > >

uptonking said...

Thanks for including something from the locker room. Sure miss my gym. Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Terrific TGIF posting Koba!!

#1)Heavenly "hinny" sights Batman, when are the gyms going to open??? I'm with uptonking, 11:55 Am, missing the gym big time.

#2) How can a simple black and white pic of two hairy guys drying off, get me so damn horny??? Oh yeah, I love men.

#3) Oh young man is it his birthday? LOL, I just came home from a fuck buddy of mine, he reminded me it was his birthday, so I went over his place and give him some birthday head. He's says I'm the best, BUT then again he could say that to everyone that he gets head from!!!!

#4) Woof, would I love to get on handsome sniff nip:)

#5) Hey bright eyes, you can show me all your muscles anytime.

#6) You keep kissing him on the neck like that, you not going to have a finger left!!! LMAO!!

#7) OH man, that looks so damn wet and delicious.

#8) Now these handsome dude knows how to attract men without even saying a word. Just keep those pits lifted, and they will be a "cumming". Well at least this pit lover.

#9) I'll help you with the digging, if you let me do some dicking. Ah heck it doesn't make since, all I know is that I'd love to suck his sweaty cock off.

#10) I should of got a facial from my birthday buddy today, BUT being his birthday I swallowed his mess.

Thanks Koba, very much.