Friday, May 8, 2020

Thank God it's Friday!


Festivalando said...

Lucky boot :)

WildWill said...

#4 belongs down my throat!!

Michehot said...

Thanks for this post, Kobaa! Hot as Hell!

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow, I will certainly be back to look at this very hot TGIF posting again tonight Koba..Central Ma tonight is going down to the 30's and possibly SNOW!! It's freaking May 8th.

#1) Hell ya, young man, you can spread you hairy legs and show us your boner in the locker room anytime you get the urge. Now that's as far as I'm concerned, though watch out for the prudes. They will report you in a NY second.

#2) Now these lads know how to have good clean fun in the gang showers!! My what cute little bum-bums these lads have.

#3) Wow, wouldn't want to get on this cuties bad side, he's one big boy. If he's into men though, I'd love to take care of him very nicely.

#4) My mouth is chomping at the bits. Man would I love that distinguish looking cock in my mouth.

#5) These two young man will both leave satisfied!! Lucky bastards.

#6) F--k, How can a pair of dirty workboots and a hot smiling guy in back of a pick up work, want me to tug a my cock till I unleash a load of cum?? I mean he's not even showing us his dick. Just so ruggedly manly I guess!!

#7) Oh big boy, you would NOT be bored if I was at your place. Sniff of the pits, a little nibbling on your nips, then down come your underwear so I can suck that thick cock and get at those fat balls. That should perk you "up"!!

#8) OH my, loving this back and front shot. Yup I'll lick the pits, nibble your nips, and then you can sit your beautiful ass on my face. What a nice backside. Oh my, didn't mean to be so blunt.

#9) Could my mouth even take this jawbreaker? Well there is only one way to find out, and I'm going for it. That python is a beauty.

#10) That's what I'm going to need tonight, a HOT facial, and I would love it from dude #6!! He can put his workboots under my bed anytime.

Thanks Koba!!

Bruce Jensen said...

These are some good suggestions on how to spend our Friday afternoon.