Saturday, May 30, 2020



Hot guys said...

First 2 hunks have the perfect bodies! 💙

Flyer77 said...

My choices:
#1 Sexy body, hot cock!!
#3 (while he is getting that shave, his cock needs attention too!
#5 Would love to service that hot cock!

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachuetts said...

Wow Wonderful Weekenders here Koba!!

#1) Now really, how could my weekend go wrong, when this cutie is sending me that glorious open invitation???? Awesome man legs, and he's the proud owner of a very scrumptious cock and balls. So young man, I have cancelled all my chores for the day, and coming over to do a JOB for you.

#2) Now this gentleman, has put me in a very blue mood today (but in a very good way. The only thing that isn't blue in the pic, is after when I take care of him, he will not have blue balls, when he heads home.

#3) Heck I'd pay for this dude's haircut and shave, even if I could just be a spectator. Though when done, I wouldn't mind sniffing around both of their manly hairy body parts:)

#4) Oh my, well he partakes in a toke, I don't think I could resist unbutton his boxers and giving him another kind of pleasurable experience!!

#5) Hey buddy, can I make a deal with you? I've give you some great head, and then you "teabag" me with those awesome loose balls while I whack my "nut" off.

#6) That's it you take care of that fine slab of meat, I'm coming over to get my nose in his furry hole.

#7) Nick you keep getting handsomer and handsomer every time Koba shows a pic of you. Loving the haircut and the trimmed beard, and my goodness those shorts like great on you. With that awesome body of yours, could you drag me to you bed, and ravage me "butt" good. I don't spread my ass cheeks for everyone.

#8) How can any bi or gay dude, resist this smiling cutie?

#9) A well earned sticky mess:):):)

Thanks Koba, what a great job.