Monday, May 4, 2020

Back to the grind...


Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow, one heck of a great BTTG posting Koba!!

#1) Wow, I do like me a big boy, especially ones in the locker room, proudly showing us the goods. Oh I could easily take a liking to this handsome hulk.

#2) Koba your killing me. I'm missing the gym BIG TIME. Would love to be in the gang shower with this bruiser. I would try not to stare at him, but man that looks like one thick cock.

#3) That's it young man, take a good whiff. When your into men, I don't know how anyone could resist not taking a sniff.

#4) Oh handsome, your right up my alley, and your cock is one of my favorite the medium thickies, with some nice loose balls. Um, those balls look like they could use a draining. I'm so up for the job. How about it?????

#5) Oh yeah, I'd love for you to shoot, right in my mouth with your creamy load, which I'm going to force out of ya. Thank you for your service.

#6) Nobody's going to leave in a blue mood when they get what they are going for. What a handsome smiling dude, that's going to feast on a meaty cock.

#7) I can identify with you, wide eyed green cutie. Whenever we get the opportunity to feast on cock, we get on our knees and open wide. It's in a cocksucker's nature.

#8) Now there's someone who doesn't mind being at work. Just make sure you know where the delete button is.

#9) What a man, What a man, what a mighty fine man. Woof!!

#10) When your born with a cock and balls, you just have to get that sticky stuff out of you, whenever it builds up, and it builds up alot. This dude did a fine job.

Thanks Koba

Hot guys said...

First one in the locker room is quite somethin', alright! ^.^

Paul1971 said...

Number 9 as I've seen more of him and he is a mighty fine man

Anonymous said...

Oh my, lucky bastard, Paul1971 @ 7:06PM is that in vids, or have you seen him in person? I wouldn't mind seeing more of this mighty fine man. Either way, lets all of us sing in unison "He's a man, he's a man, He's a mighty fine man."

Showing my age, that song must have come out in the late 80's or early 90's, going to goggle it.