Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thursday Hotness!


karl said...

Sweet sweet guys

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Terrific Thanksgiving Thursday post Koba!!

#1) Now that's how everyone should play with their Beachballs at the beach:):)

#2) Oh yeah dude, you deserve those stars, for that beautiful "treasure trail" of yours:)

#3) See you at the gym tomorrow, cutie:)

#4) Holy Bacon and Eggs Batman, I'm hungry:)

#5) One a cock, Two a cock, Three a cock, Rock....:):) Here's a case where three is never a crowd.

#6) When a cock like that, comes thru the GH, you Give, Thanks:):)

#7) Right about now, I bet he's tasting some nice Pre... uncut cocks do leak the best precum:)

#8) Wow good looks, great arms, beautiful basket:):)

#9) Now there's a dude that's not afraid to spread his legs...LOL.. man what I could to this dude, love those balls, hairy pits, and wow, those calfes are huge:)

#10) That a boy, let that man-goo fly all over the place:):)

Thanks Koba